250px-1839_Pelham_Church,_MAThe Pelham Historical Society Museum and Historical Complex are located on top of Pelham hill at the intersections of Amherst Road and Daniel Shays Highway (RT 202). The museum will be open to the public on Sunday afternoons 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM from June 4th through September 25th. The Historical Complex grounds are opened year round from dawn to dusk.

This year, the museum will open with a new overarching exhibit exploring the history of “a tract of land commonly called New Lisborn” that in 1743 became “a township by the name of Pelham.” The exhibit will feature a family-learning area and solicit input from visitors for future special exhibits. Please visit!

Pelham Historical Complex
376 Amherst Road
Pelham, MA 01002
(413) 253-7313

Museum Wish List


This is the PUBLIC Museum Wish List.

Please feel free to donate your time and an item below. Please, NO donations without us talking to you first. Thank You!

We are always looking for help with our museum and our collections

To Do

Museum Exhibits to work on (in no particular order)

  • Ballet boxes
  • Bell:
    • Make frame to hold certificate, info, and a photo
    • Reprint Certificate
    • Compose fact sheet about bell
    • Select and print picture of bell
    • Describe bell parts etc as installed.
  • Flyrods
  • Restore Post-Card Exhibit board

Collection Tasks

  • storage area:
    • Re-index locations of objects
  • Photographing Objects.

We Need

  • Inside Door Mat.
  • Three Wooden door stops (2 front doors and 1 ramp exit door)